35 Year Anniversary Tribute CD to

Wishbone Ash

Andy Powell's comments on 'Wishbone Ish' :

There is so much talent on this CD; so much love and so much of a sense of community. The Flyin' Ryan Brothers, Bill Baxendale, Plankton, Bob Greaves, Michael Rule, The Grumpy Old Men, the Geezers, Back Then, Jeff Culhane and Deb Zieman, Don Warren with his classical version of Candlelight - thank you all.... and then we come to Zizoh from Japan. The Japanese attention to detail and mimicry is well - documented. You won't believe these recordings. As a result, three of their cuts have been included. If Plankton scares me then Zizoh has me running for cover.

I could go on and on but at my advanced years, it is just such a treat to receive these gifts and I'm happy for them to take their slice out of the pie and to share it with you . Enjoy! Wishbone Ish; a mouth-watering treat.



The Grumpy Old Men - They may be grumpy, but they sure know how to play ! (Andy Powell - June 2005)


Throw Down The Sword Dave Lowarch: Guitars / Stu Pevitt: Vocals  
(Powell) Pete Willsher: Bass / Den Brennan: Drums




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