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A Brief  History……….


©1970 – 1971

Where it all started…………..

Arny Sage: Guitar, Stu Pevitt: Vocals, Pete Willsher: Bass, Les Hunter: Drums.

We were a four piece hard rock band doing ‘Grand Funk Railroad’ & ‘Black Sabbath’covers (among others).With Arny’s addition of electric piano to the band & his songwriting talents starting to emerge, it was obvious, even at this point, that it had to lead to greater things………..

Savory Duck - featured on "Man Chest Hair" - 2012 compilation album (follow this link)

©1971 – 1976

From the remnants of Burial, the first incarnation of Savory Duck was born.

Arny Sage: Guitar/Keyboards, Den Brennan: Drums and Pete Willsher: Bass, together with new vocalist Kev Wood, (Stu Pevitt,s replacement), the newly formed lineup set out to develop a totally new concept. Based around Arny's  formidable self penned material, and influences ranging from Gentle Giant, Caravan to Greenslade, Duck’s music started to evolve.

©1972 : Bought with it ‘Duck’ Mk 2 and changes in lineup.

Dave Darbyshire took over the vocal duties. Organist Andy Povall was drafted in, and bought with him rhythm guitarist Simon Andrew, and finally drummer Den Brennan left to pursue other interests and was replaced with Martin Soar.

‘Duck’ Mk 3: Arny was replaced by guitarist Barry Barnes for a short period pending his return from Andy Macpherson’s band ‘Romany Rye’.

With the addition of a second keyboard, this enabled Arny to develop his strong and unique guitar style and also led to a songwriting partnership with Andy Povall, which cemented a firm musical direction. Delivering progressive tunes mixed with finely orchestrated hard rock guitar and keyboard passages, and it’s fair share of complex time changes.

©1973 – 1974 : Stockport’s Mersey Tavern being a regular on the date sheet with some great gigs supporting Caravan at Stoneground and Daryl Way’s Wolf at Bradford University.

 A memorable gig at The Rex in Wilmslow  featuring Simon Andrew playing rhythm guitar with a broken wrist, ended his short musical association with the band,  and we were reduced to five piece outfit. After a short spell in ‘Duck’ management, he did a ‘Jeremy Spencer’ and disappeared without trace.

Spring of ’74 : bought along ‘Duck’ Mk 4 and further lineup changes. Andy Rayner took over on bass and Dave Darbyshire left the band and was replaced firstly by vocalist Bob Harris (ex - Mixtures), and later by Les Reed from Lowestoft.

This era of ‘Duck’ has been well documented with recording sessions at Strawberry Studios, and a gig supporting Gordon Giltrap at Stockport Town Hall. Not forgetting of course, Stu Pevitt’s contribution to ‘Dragonflite’ on the Strawberry Sessions.

 ©1976 : ‘The End’……….  With some great music & memories behind it, Savory Duck finally disbanded, with everybody who had ever been associated with it, feeling perhaps, that the band most certainly deserved greater things.

Both : 'Variation 55' & 'Time Is Gonna Get You' (featured on the cd) were part of ‘Duck’s’ live set back in the ‘70’s and were painstakingly revived for ‘Time To Reflect’.

The Andy Stark Band - (The Outlaws)

©1974 – 1976

The Andy Stark Band or ‘The Outlaws’ as it was then called, used to share adjacent rehearsal rooms with Savory Duck at Jacksons Lane Youth Club, Hazel Grove. We were all acquainted as John Pevitt (Stu’s brother) played drums with the band. Pete Willsher took over from Loz Timperley following his departure from the band, and with the addition of  local ‘six string sorcerer’ Dave Lowarch, the band was complete.

Following many gigs, 1975 bought recording sessions at Revolution Studios in Bramhall, Cheshire & Greengage Studios, London. Dave left the band to join great local outfit ‘Spider Jive’ followed by ‘Harpoon’ & ‘Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders’ (to name a few) and was replaced by guitarist Steve Jackson.

Andy Stark’s prolific songwriting abilities and musicianship deserve wider acclaim. Andy had the two tracks ‘Amen’ & ‘Deadend Town’ in readiness for when, we started the recording sessions in January 2001, and are featured on the cd.

  The Grumpy Old Men

Ó 2004


Where are they now…………?

Finally found......on a gig back in 2002!


  & not forgetting ..............

 Mick (Savory Ducks roadie) & his Commer van


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